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Time wasters?


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Happens now a lot less than it used to. I have just a little bit of sympathy with the wasters. What seems to the outsider to be nothing is often a source of panic to the sufferer.


My old chief inspector always used to say that nobody rings the police unless they feel they really need help.


Put too much pressure on people to desist from ringing and a life will be lost somewhere along the line.


Happy days

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:shock::shock::shock: blummin heck it get's worse.....


dead pigeons, missing packets of rice and snoring dog advice :shock:




and these are even worse but some did make me smile :oops:




I think some of these rather odd individuals do need a talking :?:lol:

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Tell you what Peter... next time you have a problem..


I don't know maybe when your can't get the lid of your jam or your false teeth wont stick firmly with your denturefix... maybe a pigeon poops on your head or you can't quite reach your botty to wipe it propperly ....ring the council and ask for their help and tell them Dizzy said you should ring them as you once suggested they should be the first port of call as their time is better wasted than anyone elses :lol::lol::lol:


As for the forum being better advertised.... Gary will get you for that one :lol::wink: but I'd happily advise people and point them in the right direction if needed... "loony bin" :wink:

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Forward wind..... in your rewind Peter you did not state that you had a problam with either.. you just said you had them :roll:


However, if you would like to actually tell me the problems you are facing with them I will do my very best to resolve them for you.. without charge... and without the need for any form of bonus payment or indeed donation.


Please note that the latter only applies if you start another topic about them :P

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