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Government European MOT's


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Just been reading the January issue of Warrington Wordlwide Magazine.


I noticed a reference that the Government are now thinking of changing the way our car MOT system presently works so as to bring ours in line with Eurpoean Countries. WHY :?


Idea is that all new cars wont need an MOT until they are 4 years old (currently 3 years old).. and then they will be MOT'd every 2 years (currently every 1 year).


So good idea or a bad one ...... will older cars also be MOT'd every 2 years too :?


Personally I think it could be a bad idea as an awful lot of people simply don't bother checking the safety of their cars regularly :?

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bad idea.


i know it can be expensive (?340 to get mine roadworthy this year as it needed two new wheel bearings on the passenger side) but had it only needed an mot every two years this would not have been picked up and the chances are that they would have failed with catastrophic results. as it was one was making some very alarming noises in the week before it was taken in.


i know most people tend to leave mot's until the last minute either through money concerns or the fact that they have forgotten bout the date they are due. and that is for a yearly one for a two year one it would be almost impossible to remember when it was last done.


so leave well enough alone.

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If the government are only "thinking" of extending the m.o.t. tests, that can only mean that some useless article in government is looking for a way to make him/herself look more usefull. The useless piece of Tibetan Yak excrement who ever it is.


If the m.o.t. test is extended, it won't make a bit of difference to me, I will still have my car safety checked every year. Safety comes first.

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I completely agree with every comment so far... my thoughts exactly.


I cant understand WHY they are considering doing it though as it wont make or save the government any money.


At present only about ?2 of the mot fee goes to the government .. the rest is kept by the garage who does it.

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Good point... why are 'we' always following them?


Is the general safety/condition of their cars found to be safer than ours even though they are only mot'd every two years :?


Do they have to have any other checks?


Are they made to have more regular services etc in between or are owners more heavily dealt with in europe if their cars are found to be dangerous or not correctly maintained :?

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Maybe someone should tell the idiots in charge this before they make another **** up decision :?


They probably recon everyone will applaud them if they bring in the new rules as people do moan about the price of MOT's but I think that's more to do with some unscrupulous garages saying things 'need doing' when they don't rather than the actual MOT price itself :?

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You also have to look at the impact on the amount of garages that would survive the extra year initially without any MOT's to perform and how many mechanics would lose jobs as a result


The MOT is there for a very good reason and if it is a European driven decision to get us all in line with them, it is yet another reason (to add to the ever growing list) to get us out of Europe.


Personally I don't think it will happen!

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Baz... I'm not so sure that it wont happen as like you say it's just another thing on the blummin 'EU list of stupidity' :?


Agree with what you say about garages possibly suffering from the knock on effect, and of course motoring organisations and safety 'experts' also seem to be against the changes...


BUT I can't see normal members of the public actually opposing it, yes they might see the obvious wrongs in it like we all can, but that's about all that will happen from the public's mouths.


...and lets face it the government will do what they want anyway and then they will just blame someone else if/when it all goes wrong :roll:


Next 'lot' in power can always revolk it... oooh can they do that if it's an EU thing though :shock:

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