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They Must Think We're Stupid Or Blind.


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I just happened to glance at the Home Page news storys.


And I couldn't help but notice that in the photo's of two of the storys; "Fund Raisers Joined By Santa" and "Santa Helps The Lions". That both the Santa's are very different. The cloaks that they are wearing are very different, one has no gloves on, and the other has white gloves on, and their beards are different. Have we been conned all these years?


One of them is an imposter and needs a thorough investigation.

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Only one Santa Wingy and he lives at Napapiiri near Rovaniemi in Finland and this is him-

This is a video I uploaded to Youtube a few years ago when we took our son, daughter and our granddaughters to see him, they are the three little girls who are in the video, the video was shot by a Brazilian news team and they very kindly sent us a copy. :D

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Wingy that was Penny our eldest granddaughter she dropped a biscuit (don't ask) and you can hear her aunt, our daughter telling her to pick it up, I've just been informed that it was for the reindeer.

Obs, I know you jest but I believe that even in Finland Santa can no longer sit children on his knee, I have watched the streaming webcam showing the same Santa and I have never seen any kids sat on his knee, What a sick degenerate world we now live in! :roll::roll::roll:

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What a trully lovely video to treasure Algy.... now that was definately the real Santa :D How lovely to see him actually being pulled along by his reindeers too.


Spectacular, magical and I'd love to go there :D


Just not the same though if kids can't even sit on his knee these days though.... ridiculous as I'm sure there's not a parent in the world who would object especially having gone to the trouble of taking their kids all that way to meet him :cry:

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