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So roughly how many hours of TV did you watch yesterday (xmas day) and so far today.


So far I have watched NONE.... had a look to see if there was anything worth watching and there wasn't :roll:


Surely there must be something coming on soon to get me off here :lol:

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In which case Harry... I wont bother looking.


Sport is boring and I've definatly seen enough food over the last two days without having to watch it on TV too :?:lol:


I'm sure there must be something good on one of the hundreds of channels we have but I get bord of reading through all the listings :oops:

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who wants tv anyway, Santa brought me an mp3 player for chrimble so now wired for sound and listening to all the quality oldies such as moody blues, hollies, procul whatsits! etc, typing away on me laptop, feet up on me footstool and a pint can of calsy xport - SOD THE TELE! :D:D:D:D:wink:

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