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Over The Garden Wall


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Wingy, Brilliant, Norman Evans as Fanny Fairbottom, Eli Woods & Jimmy James, they don't make humor like that nowadays, my Dad took me to the Royal Court when I was about eleven and I can remember the show as if it were yesterday. Also Freddie Frinton what a star.:D:D:wink:

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Never a swear word in sight.


I came across somebody else who I couldn't remember the name of. I finally found him under the name of Carl George. His act was to come on stage and take his coat off, and hang it over the back of a chair.


This bloke got himself hoplessly tangled in his coat sleeves and chair legs. And he never spoke a single word either.

Can't find the coat and chair clip, but he does something very similar with a microphone and it's electrical lead. Well worth watching. :D


Even my sons can't stop laughing at such simple comedy like this. :D


Roy Baraclough and Les Dawson as Cissy and Ada are brilliant.

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An elderly aunt of mine used to tell a funny story.


She said they were haveing a party that got out of hand and quite rowdy.


There was a knock at the door, and in walked the local bobby. I'm sorry he said, but you have been reported for causeing a disturbance. I am going to have to do you.


Thank God for that said me aunt, I thought I was going to be arrested. :D:D



Not down as a comedy sketch. James Cagney in "Public Enemy No 1" He delivers the first ever big screen insult to Mae Clarke as he squashes half a grape fruit in her face. Don't know why, but it has allways made me laugh.


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I bet most on here have never heard of Norman Evans or Freddie.


Brilliant humour and never a swear word in sight.


:oops: I've never heard of them :oops:


... but I did watch the two clips. :? Mmmm it would appear that I may have lost my sense of humour.. sorry chaps :oops::lol:

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Dizzy you had to have been part of that era to appreciate the humour, the characters were typical of people that were generally around your local areas, unlike today where the characters just are not around anymore (apart from Wingnut) I personally think that the people (with exceptions) are characterless, bland & boring. :cry:

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You are right Algy mate. Harry will remember that a lot of women looked and acted like Norman Evans around the Alder Lane area.

Turbans, pinnies, and stockings rolled down to thier ankles. I am sure that is why we can relate to it, and find it so funny. :wink:


But it wasn't just the women either. One of the local rag and bone men hid his donkey in the bath upstairs, when the social paid him a visit. :D:D:D No names, no pack drill. :wink:


And it was a true story that I told about my gran, when she dyed her hair with Bisto gravy powder for Warrington Walking day, and it began to rain. :D


Truly Truly Happy Days as H would say.

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ah happy days indeed. yep i can honestly say that it conjured up images of my early years. all the Ena Sharples types queuing at the shops and discussing what her at number fourteen was getting up to when her husband was down at the council office. i can see the line as i type seven of then standing there arms held tight just under the bosom, handbag and shopping bag clutched defensively against all the world could throw at them. woe betide anybody who tried to mug them they would end in hospital at the very least.


a link for george carl




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