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Film Trailers?


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It could have been more of an epic type film, but fell very short of it. The story line was good, but lacked that essential depth of impact. And don't even mention Titanic.


Think of films like; A Night To Remember (by comparison), Quo Vadis, The Hunchback Of Notre Dam, and Ben Hur, and you will know what I mean.


Slightly off topic but.........This Mans actions (Mad Mitch) would make a blockbuster movie.


(Mitchell was horrified by the decision to withdraw British forces from Crater as a result of the killings, and by the failure of the army to recover the bodies of the dead soldiers, which he viewed as a betrayal of those who had died.


On the night of 3 July 1967, while senior officers wanted to negotiate a peaceful return to the area, Mitchell and his men, accompanied by 15 regimental pipers blaring out Scotland the Brave, reoccupied the Crater. )



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Remember a documentary about "Mad Mitch" - don't make 'em like that anymore - too busy watching their backs and their careers! :wink: There's a wealth of interesting material throughout history, many being truths that are stranger than fiction; trouble is, Hollywood corrupts the history in the name of poetic licence, to appeal to the great unwashed. :roll:

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