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Evolution of man ... another view


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They're not really guessing Mary; these are educated theories based on the evidence of the fossil record - that early humans came out of Africa and spread into Europe (Neaderthals) and Asia (Denisovians). They were then followed by a second wave of "modern" humans, who probably (one way or another), wiped out these predessors. Now IF we wanted to "guess"; we'd claim, it all started with a bloke named Adam, made from clay, and a woman named Eve, made out of one of his ribs! :wink:

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I know Observer - guess I wrote it different than I thought it. This is a theory - but really a theory is a guess based on a little knowledge and needs to be backed up - A LOT in order for it to be fact.


What I fins so interesting is how modern man assumes that our ancestors were less human than we are, sometimes i think its the other way round. :wink:

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According to the "experts"; Neanderthals were extremely strong and robust, and physically well adapted to their cold enviroment, but they wern't necessarily as capable as modern human at adapting to changes in there enviroment. It's supposed that their brains hadn't developed an ability for abstract thought, so no art or religion, or burials etc. I'm guessing, but I suspect that clever and devious modern man basically conned them out of existence! :wink:

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This is a theory - but really a theory is a guess based on a little knowledge and needs to be backed up - A LOT in order for it to be fact.


Unfortunately, there ain't no such thing as a pure, undeniable, indisputable fact.


Our whole understanding of how absolutely everything in the universe came to be, is and works right now, and is predicted to be in the future, is based on theories. A theory can never be proven to be true, it can only be demonstrated not to be in contradiction to observed reality.


It only takes one little piece of contrary evidence to show up in some obscure corner of a particle or quantum physics, one piece which doesn't fit the current theoretical model, and we have to throw the whole lot out and start again with a blank sheet of paper.


This has happened more times in the past few centuries than most people realise.


Gallileo provided a huge step forward from the idea that the universe revolved around the Earth - but, while his theories explained much of what could be observed at the time, later and more accurate observations proved that he didn't get it all right. Newton's theories of motion were close - but ultimately also proven to be wrong. Einstein got us even closer - but even he wasn't happy that his theories covered all the bases. In recent years we have had dozens, if not hundreds, of basic theories on how everything works proposed, tested and rejected as our ability to test into the most extreme conditions found in the universe (using things like the Large Hadron Collider) has enabled us to find those pesky little bits of contrary data which upset the whole apple cart again.


That's Science for you!

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If you listen to the prophetic lyrics of the song ?In the year 2525 by Zagar and Evans?


If God's a-coming, He oughta make it by then

Maybe He'll look around Himself and say

"Guess it's time for the Judgement Day"


In the year 8510

God is gonna shake His mighty head

He'll either say, "I'm pleased where man has been"

Or tear it down, and start again


Makes sense to me?

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