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Printer problem


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I have a HP deskjet 930C printer which has worked perfectly for many years. A few days ago I printed a picture from my digital camera and the colour wasn't good. I assumed that the ink cartridge needed replacing. I installed a new cartridge and there was no difference. The photo is of my grandaughter, at her Christening, wearing a pink dress. On the printout, the dress is pink but her face is mostly green. I tried printing from another application.........still the same. I printed a different photo and there is too much green, generally. The print head is on the cartridge so the head is changed each time that the cartridge is. Any ideas ????

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Have yout tried cleaning the contacts with a soft cloth or tissue ?


When did you last use your printer as it could just have dry ink clogging it up somewhere.


I presume you have tried all the usual stiff like cleaning the print heads, nozzle checks and test page prints etc :wink:

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I had problems with Morrisons compatibles with my Epson Printer... some were ok but others had missing colours or simply were not recognised by the printer. Had to take loads back BUT the printer heads were one the printer and not the cartridge with mine.


Suggestion... take that one back, say it's faulty and get a refund.


When you go to Tesco for your chocolate tomorrow get one of their comapts (or one from Staples) and try that.


If that one doesn't work then you know it's a problem somewhere with your printer.


...and finally if you do have to get a new printer get a KODAK. Mines an all in one ESP 5. Ink costs ?5 for black ink ?9 for colour... quality is excellent and inks last for ages :wink:

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Could be various reasons for the printer not producing the colour correctly.


1. Printer needs to be calibrated ....(doh!...I have now spelt it right)

2. Wrong file format for printer (jpeg/gif/png - or too low resolution)

3. Printer cartridge not compatible

4. Paper quality

5 Printing a CMYK file to RGB printer or vice versa

6 Office/home Environment ? hot or cold

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Agreed, I've got the all in one Kodak ESP 5... ink is sooooo cheap and print quality is excellent :D


Only downside is the paper tray on mine... the flap pulls down and the tray then extends so can be in the way if you are short of space or if the printer is in an odd place.


I accidentally caught mine and snapped it off within a month of buying it but got it changed as I took accidental damage out on it PHEW :oops:

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