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Chester V Town Jan 3rd


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BBC weather monthly forecast says the following


Monday 27 December 2010 to Sunday 2 January 2011


Finally an end to it?

Further snow, widespread ice, severe overnight frosts and some freezing fog are likely in most parts of the UK at first. More of the same then.


Eventually this blocked weather pattern will shift and it is at the end of this week that it is forecast to happen. The transition itself will cause thaw by both rising temperature and falling rain. This sustained release of frozen and falling water may cause its own problems.


Monday 3 January 2011 to Sunday 16 January 2011


Settled in to unsettled

This looks more like our usual winter - mild, windy and sometimes wet. There is a nice signal for longer dry periods and sunny intervals.

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will be fine,


get train form warrington around 12 get into chester for 12 30 and amble acrossto the ground make some noise :)


ding dang doo


hope for this game to be on get alot down there show then how to support a footy team :)


Don't forget Chester are averaging 2,500 - so you will have to recruit a lot of new members to the barmy army to out sing them! :wink:

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