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Post Office Closures (part II)


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Following the cynical bleatings of our MPs and New Lab Councillors, over Post Office closures that THEIR Government is responsible for; it seems the Tories are proposing a resolution in Parliament to reverse the closures - no doubt an ideal opportunity for our two Bliar's Babes to put their careers where their mouths are, and support the Tory Motion! :wink:

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Is that a requirement of a toe the line MP? :confused:

I find that fighting for your community is a rarity these days.

Most seem to think that having got elected, whether to Parliament or Council, is the end of the fight.


[ 14.03.2008, 08:22: Message edited by: Peter ]

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Originally posted by mike_b:

Doubt if the WS MP even knows where the post offices that will close are.
Didn't they used to be a post office in Bridge Lane,Appleton?Naa,i'm dreaming it,far too small a place to need a P.O. :sleeping:
Yes, but it was a shop as well.

WHY should an area be considered TOO small?

What are the elderly and infirm supposed to do?

The Government "FORCED" people on benefits to open bank accounts, and this was one of the main reasons that the use of PO's became infrequent.

Perhaps NL think it more important to spend money supporting wars than supporting their own people. :redmad:

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Here are the Labour MPs who voted with the Conservatives to keep Post Offices open....I see Warrington's Labour MPs are not in the list...no surprise there then....:


Diane Abbott (Hackney North & Stoke Newington)


Jeremy Corbyn (Islington North)


John Cummings (Easington)


Andrew Dismore (Hendon)


David Drew (Stroud)


Frank Field (Birkenhead)


Paul Flynn (Newport West)


John Grogan (Selby)


Kate Hoey (Vauxhall)


Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North)


John McDonnell (Hayes & Harlington)


Eric Martlew (Carlisle)


Alan Meale (Mansfield)


Gordon Prentice (Pendle)


Alan Simpson (Nottingham South)


Geraldine Smith (Morecambe & Lunesdale)


Sir Peter Soulsby (Leicester South)


David Taylor (Leicestershire North West)


Mike Wood (Batley & Spen)


Independent Labour MP Robert Wareing (Liverpool West Derby) also voted with the Tories.

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