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Help - silicone sealer round windows


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Hope you men are all logged in.... I need help quick.


I'm trying to seal around my windows inside and out with sealant (the sort in a tube with a nozzle that you put in a 'gun'.


Any tips on how to get it as neat as the pro's do. :oops:


Just done one.... and although I tried my best to keep the flow and pressure the same some bits were a bit wider than others so when I smoothed it with my wet finger if looked a mess so I wiped it all off.


Tips quick please, it's getting cold in here with all the draughts :shock::lol:

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Thanks everyone :D:D


Wingy.... I didn't cut any off the nozzle as it already came with a small hole so I didn't want to make it bigger.... less is more eh.


Good job I didn't either :lol:


Sort of got the hang of doing the fine bead of sealant after the first window but it all went to pot when I used my finger to smooth it and it spread everywhere including over the wallpaper :oops: .. hence my earlier question :lol:


Thanks for the link Algy... MASKING TAPE :D:D why didn't I think of that :?


Thankfully I didn't need the meths Fugtifino as the stuff for inside was water based. PHEW... as I was covered in it :lol: Will buy some for when I do the outside though as thats the nasty stuff :wink:


Thanks again everyone.. what on earth would I do without you all :wink::D

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I have the perfect solution for the outside (well upstairs anyway)... having just tried to dangle out of the window to see if I could reach I'm going to pay someone else to do it...sod it :lol::oops::lol:


Good idea about using quadrant inside though as there's a few bits inside that are proving difficult to seal because the old sealant is behind painted wallpaper and the wallpaper has lifted a tiny bit round the edges and wont go perfectly flat :oops:


Reader... good idea for a new topic :wink:

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