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White Christmas?


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This is where they have us by the short and curlys, now that they have got most people dependant on gas or electric, for their heating and cooking. Time to bring back the black lead grate.

Wingy I bet you remember 'ZEBO' every house had a tin to clean the grate with.

Back to topic, yup looks like we might be in for a hiding over the next week or so. :wink:

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For those of you who are delicate on their feet in the snow and ice, here?s something to aid you walking.




I am sure you can buy these in any good outdoor shop in the town?

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Bet you can't SD as I looked at weekend :wink: They may be getting some in soon though.


I just ordered some for my dad from the Bettaware catalogue ?10.99.


The 'chain' ones on your link just made me think though.... you can by chain in B&Q so would be really easy to make some of those.


Or better still Tonymailman could make us all some some designer ones as xmas pressies :wink:


How about it TMM :D:D:D

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well a goodly coating this morning and the poor dog almost disappeared in a drift. still snowing as i write this and poor dog is looking at me as if to say "I am not going out in that again". the snow sticks to his fur and after this mornings walk it took me half an hour to get all the matted snowballs off his feet. he does not like anybody messing with them (his feet that is) or having water near him (do all dogs hate baths i wonder) so was not too happy when i tried to dip his feet into a bowl of warm water to melt the snow. hence the half hour.


still everywhere looks pretty for now and there is even a new resident in the street. looking resplendent in red coat with his carrot nose.




this must have been built last night during the snow as it was there when i took the dog for his first walk at seven this morning.

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