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Swine Flu's back


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Apparently 10 people have died from Swine Flu in the past 6 weeks. :shock:


So now there will be a mass panic I presume.... or is it just a ploy to get more people to have the flu jab :?


Good way to clear a queue in a shop though this time of the year eh .... splash some water on your face so it looks like you're sweating and start sneezing and coughing uncontrollably :wink:

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Can anyone have it regardless of age or health... I always thought only people with certain medical conditions or over a certain age were allowed it :?


Wonder how long it will be before everyone with a sniffle gets prescribed Tamiflu again by NHS Direct and the docs.


It was prescribed for my nephew last year after a phone call to NHS Direct (collection from the Rugby Statium) Parents were a bit concerned as other people were gettin really ill from taking Tamiflu with severe vomiting etc etc so they didn't collect straight away and his so called 'swine flu' magically subsided after a few days... seems he just had a normal cold and temperature but the symptom checker had diagnosed DEFINATE SWINE FLU :shock::?:roll:

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Nearly all of the deceased had existing medical conditions before they caught the flu, Asthma being the commonest.


As beforer panic will be more of a problem than the flu.


This year the flu jab included Swine flu, so those most at risk should be ok.

A lot had it last time round but survived ok.

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We seem to have a flu like bug working its way through our family just now. Started last week with the grandson, onto his dad and on Friday it was my turn. By Sunday I'd passed it on to the wife so we're both off work again today.


Anyone fancy a few days off work just PM me and I'll come and cough on you. :lol:


Bill :)

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Reports today say that 50 people have now died from the H1N1 variant of Swine Flu.. of those 1 in 3 had no underlying medical conditions and were perfectly healthy before being struck down by the virus.


And now we have run out of the H1N1 vaccine.... not to worry though as doctors are being told to use up the left over vacine from last year but that was apparently for a different strain of the Swine Flu Virus but 'should' offer a little protection. :?


No stockpiles of vacine this year in the UK apparently and they can't make anymore as it takes 6 months to produce... they are now looking abroad to see if anyone else has any spare... not that they are likely to hand it over eh :wink:


On a less serious note though.. I'm rather suprised by the number of people I meet who say they have 'flu'... no they've not or they wouldn't be out and about or working :roll: Infact they shouldn't be anyway cos they are spreading their blummin germs.


I've had 3 colds in as many weeks cos of people sneezing and sniffling near me lucklily they seen to last no more than 2-3 days PHEW :D

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Not an epidemic by any means at the moment, but if the Richard Heads insist on spreading it about - it soon will be. The most dangerous places are GPs surgeries and Hospitals, and public transport, where you get them sneezing their germs, never having heard of handkerchiefs. :evil:

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