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Ok so admit it....


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Who has been watching Corrie this week and who's watching the live one tonight.


I've not watched it for months but must admit I got drawn in by all the hype of how much it cost to stage the dreaded accident :oops:


Seems a very expensive way to kill off a few boring actors though and what a shame that Ken Barlow wasn't under the tram.


His acting skills and facial expressions in a crisis leave a lot to be desired :lol: and surely the script writers could have changed his usual boring, monotonous dreary words just to make him appear to be a little more worried that his son was trapped and possibly dead :lol: Infact why didn't they just kill him off no-one would have noticed.


And then there was the doctor shouting 'Please someone get the drip from the surgery'.... is that any was to talk about Gail Platt... Ok YEP he was right


The little lad who plays Dreary and Ken's grandson was great though... saved from a burning house by the streets hunky hero he said 'Oooh its smoookey in thure' :lol:


Some other good bits of acting though too to be fair and the baby was good despite having a problem whereby it's face seemed to be completely different in one shot... maybe I imagined that :shock:


Anyway, sad as I sound for admitting I've watched.. I can't wait for tonights live episode so I can watch out in anticipation for inappropriate grins, giggles or breaths from the dead people. :lol:


Wonder who else snuffs it..... :shock:

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Just watched the live one and poor Mrs Peacock got told by Granny Drip (audrey?) that Mr Peacock the local sausage man and hero had just been squashed as he held the beams up for Mr Monotonous's son Peter and Mrs Drips son 'thingy' to escape.


Poor Mrs Peacock she was crying histericaly (as one would of course)... onions anyone? there were no tears :wink:


After all that Peter 'died' in the hospital just after saying 'I do' to his new wife... well I think he's dead anyway but probably not thinking about it... I feel a twist coming on cos something odd is going on there :D


Personally though I hope he is dead as I want to see more of Ken's bad acting when faced with trauma and upset... he needs the practice or to be sacked. All these years and he still cant do it but gets paid :shock:


Foor Fiz went into premature labour and had a little girl.... awwwww bit of a shock for them but quick as a flash when asked they came up with the name 'Hope' ... didn't see that one coming honest. Hope Stape... how nice (sounds a bit like a tool for woodwork or something)


Anyway didn't spot any obvious bloopers and again some of the acting was pretty convincing.


Oooh did I mention Sally Webster (she's a bit odd and why does she do that strange thing with her mouth) well fancy holding your dying friends hand for hours only to be told in her dying breath that your hubby is her digital babys father.


Poor Molly could have been put out of her pain hours ago if she had told Mrs W that in the first place. A quick jump on the girder that was crushing her (the one that Mrs W kept leaning on :wink::lol: ) would have finnished her off in a flash.


Same time tomorrow everyone... no I though not :lol::lol:

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Obs, Molly's dead, Ashley's dead, the tram driver's dead, Peter could be dead, Rita might be dying or could be dead, Sunita might die, Charlotte was dead or at least Stape thought she was but now she's not, baby Hope Stape is critical & in an incubator, Garry is 'Shell shocked', Kevin might as well be dead as Molly in her last dying breath has told Sally that he is baby Jack's father, Becky's looting to finance the purchase of Max, otherwise apart from the street being wrecked everything else is normal, the only person who's going to benefit from this carnage is Izzie's dad Owen as he's going to have plenty of building work to keep him & the lads busy for a couple of years and that might cause Stape (more) problems if the factory floor has to come up. Mind you Obs I don't watch it myself, sometimes catch a glimpse when Mrs Algy's got it on. :oops::wink:

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Dizzy, I too have been enjoying and gripped by the legend that is Coronation Street.


Excellent acting interweaved with unmissable dramatic action, story lines, humour and great script writing that is fast paced.


Particularly like the bit where ?John Stape? thought he had killed his teacher stalker with a hammer, only to find out she had a faint pulse, what a great story line that is, going from disaster to calamity on each lie, only for it to be a bigger hole to dig himself out of.


These episodes keep you guessing to the end, with the title

?Four funerals and a wedding?, who would have thought ?Peter Barlow? would be marrying ?Leanne Battersby? on his death bed.



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Yep twists and turns to come for ages eh. Might start watching it again just to see how things evolve :wink::oops:


Algy... flippin heck either that new camera of yours has a good zoom or did you put your life at risk just to share the moment with us all :shock: Pretty impressive report too considering you don't watch it.. your recollection and knowledge of the characters names is excellent considering :wink::lol:


Wingy... is it really 10 years since the Shelly and Charie era. I agree she was depressing but not nearly as bad as Dreary Deidry, Monotonous Ken and Gail the 'Drip'..... or Mrs Peacock and Sally W for that matter. They are sooooo BORING to watch.


Have to admit I really like the dopey lad who work(ed) with Ashley Peacock he's like a breath of fresh air as is the odd lady who loves dithering Norris (he's funny too). Roy Cropper makes me smile.


So... I wonder what is in store for the Christmas eppisodes then as they have had the big crash so there must be another 'biggie' of some sort on the way.


Xmas without tears, death and drama seems to be a 'no no' when it comes to soaps.


I have a better idea though... wouldn't it be nice to have a xmas eppisode made up of just all the funny outtakes of the tram crash filming. A bit of a soapy giggle for a change.


And finally.... can someone PLEASE explain WHY at 10.15am on a Friday morning I am on here posting a very long post and talking about Corrie.. a programme that I don't even usually watch :lol::oops::oops::shock:

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wish i could have missed it. was at the dominoes last night nd it was on the super duper 101 inch tv just above the domino tables. all that screaming and shouting. so they had to turn the telly back on again :lol:


but it was annoying. especially that beeping at the hospital bit. almost played a joey when he pegged it after saying i do. still managed to win 2 - 1 so that was a bonus.

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