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The Priest's Cockerel


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The priest in a small Irish village loved his chickens that he kept in the coop behind the church. One Sunday morning before church, he went to feed the birds and learned that the cock was missing. He knew about the cock fights in the village, so he chose to question his parishioners in church.

During mass, he questioned his congregation, ?Has anyone got a cock??

All the men stood up.

?No, no, that wasn?t what I meant. Has anyone seen a cock??

All the women stood up.

?No, no, that wasn?t what I meant either. Has anyone seen a cock that doesn?t belong to them??

Half the women stood up !

?No, no, no, that wasn?t what I meant. What I really really mean is, has anyone seen MY cock??

Eight ladies of the choir, the churchwarden, sexton and verger stood up, and the village goat wandered up the aisle.

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