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Fat Bird Balls


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The other post and the mention of fat reminded me about this (on the councils website from United Utilities)


A lot of people pour their warm fat and cooking oil down kitchen sinks with lashings of hot water and bubbles.... but obviously as it cools it can still solidify and blocks drains... or they put it in the bin.


United Utilities recommend saving all your cooking fats such as those from your roast dinner, bacon butties etc etc in a tub (once cooled of course) and make fat balls for the birds.


Here's how... (the following is a cut and paste from the document)


You will need:


? A container - such as a small dish or reuse a plastic container

? Some string

? Solid animal fat which has been used for cooking (be careful with hot fat, let it cool down a bit and for children, always ask an adult to help)

? A selection of:

- Bird seed

- Raisins

- Peanuts - unsalted

- Grated cheese

- Porridge or oats



Put some string into a container, making sure it?s long enough to tie to the branch of a tree. You can use any type of container, just be careful that it won?t melt if using warm fat.


Put the fat from your roast dinner or bacon butties into the container and add the seeds, peanuts, raisins, cheese etc to the warm fat as you collect it.


Use about one-third fat to two-thirds mixture and when solid turn it out onto your bird table or hang it from a branch.


Don?t use polyunsaturated fats, such as sunflower oil, since they don?t give the birds the high levels of energy they need.



Sounds rather yummy eh :D:wink:

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yep last time i had it checked they said it was a bit low. so much so that they were going to take me off the tablets :shock::twisted:


as for visitations by ghosts bird, mouse or human not a problem. they cannot harm me physically and if they do turn up i will be asking for next weeks lottery numbers :lol::lol:8)

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