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Well I have failed so far and can't find a way to do it so over to you clever lot :D


Is there any way of putting a link to a microsoft word/publisher type document (containing pictures and text) to enable it to be put on the forum so others can read the it.


Would imagine it would have to be hosted like photos are in photobucket etc but I can't find any straightforward way of doing it... so far anyway.


I've tried 'google docs' but that wouldn't accept the format and also tried a few others (which I can't remember) and they either wouldn't work or were only temporary to allow file sharing and one download for a recipient.


Any help please as I am letting Wingy down here and I don't want him telling any stories about my failings in the future :lol::lol:

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i did a quick google for word document hosting and had a look at a site called mediafire. they claim to be able to do the sort of thing you are looking for.


a plain text document is easy that is just a copy and paste. as for a mixed image and text i have never tried that so not sure if a simple copy and paste would work.

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Thanks Sid.


It is just an idea that I had. To be able to post an article containing text and the odd photo or drawing as an eddited story. I think it would make it more interesting. I have two stories ready to go, but no idea on how to get it to the forum.


I've been pestering Dizzy for her help. :D I will have to leave it in her very capable hands.

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have just had a quick go on mediafire using a free account.




this is the link that it gave me for a file i made as a test but it only gives it as a word document download that you download to your own pc.


one option is to put the pics on photobucket or similar the copy and paste the text inserting the picture links in the appropriate place.




then paste the next bit below it.

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