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Where is this famous landmark


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Corrrrrrrect Asp., heres another better picture:-



Aquarium Parade also known as "Ham & Egg terrace a favourite resort of the Liverpool & Lancashire Trippers & 'Rough's', nobody protested when this den of iniquity was demolished in 1906 and was replaced by the Victoria gardens with it's grand Bandstand.


Liverpool Mercury

Saturday, 29th September, 1888

Escape Of A Lion : Exciting Scene


The visitors to Cross's Menagerie at the New Brighton Palace had certainly enough excitement for their money on Saturday night last. Early in the evening, while yet there were large numbers of excursionists about the place, Madame Talzero, an intrepid wild-beast tamer, proceeded to the cage, in which are some splendid African lions, in order to put them through their usual performance. There is invariably attached to the gateway of every den containing performing brutes a smaller cage. Into this the tamer first steps, and after closing the outer door, as a public safeguard, opens the entrance to the cage proper and walks in amongst the beasts. Through the negligence of one of the keepers the smaller cage was not in its place on Saturday, and Madame Talzero resolved to do without it. But scarcely had she opened the iron gate when a full-grown lion jumped over her head, and, almost before it could be realised, was amongst the people. Then the lazy suddenly became sprightly, and corpulent persons who for years had not congratulated themselves upon their agility now did wonders. A few of the fortunate ones managed to slip through the door leading into the Palace or out on to the "ham and egg" promenade by the lower exit, whilst the remainder of the terror-stricken spectators crouched in promiscuous heaps in far off corners watching the movements of the king of the forest with a distinctively disagreeable fascination. But the noble beast, strange to say, was not eager to follow up his advantage, and appeared to be quite as much disconcerted at the sundry shrieks and howls of those who had paid for admission to see him as his beforetime admirers were to note his uncaged presence towering in their midst. At the sight of some keepers approaching the lion, which it seems is quite tame, ran into an unoccupied space, where it was detained for a few minutes until an empty cage was wheeled up to the spot, and into this it ran. Although it was announced that the lion was perfectly docile, some little time elapsed before the excitement subsided amargo those who had witnessed more than appeared in the programme.

Credit to- liberator31.co.uk

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