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moon halo

Evil Sid

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at around six this morning i was wandering around sankey valley taking the dog for a walk. it was fairly clear and i noticed that the moon was bright enough to cause a shadow to be cast. on spending a few seconds in a part that was free of light pollution looking at the moon i noticed a distinct ring surrounding it.


it looked just like a huge smoke ring and was a perfect circle formed in the slight mist that was present. it was not close to the moon but some distance around it. not something i have ever seen before and wondered if anybody had seen something similar or even noticed the one this morning for those rising early for work or those getting back from the night shift repairing church roofs.

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Looking at Asperity's photograph, yes I have seen those on a small number of occasions. The first time was as a young child and it gave me nightmares. I did'nt understand it and I thought the world was comeing to an end. I can remember crying to my grandparents and begging them not to go outside.

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It's quite a common effect especially on cold and frosty nights where the water vapour refracts the light creating the halo effect. This also happens with the sun but it's extreemly difficult to see the full halo. When the suns setting, you can often see what are called sundogs that are very bright irredescent patches quite a way off either side of the sun and these are part of the halo.


Like this


Bill :)

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