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The Classics?


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The only Latin that I can think of that is used with any regularity, Is in the naming of garden birds : Turdus merula (Blackbird) or garden plants. Oh and fishes: tinca tinca (Tench).


The use of Latin in such as those lised above, was to make them more universally recogniseable.


A plant ending with the letter" i" is a male. A plant ending with the letters (ii) is a female. Or it could be the other way around.


Do I think it is essential to learn Latin? for some proffessions yes, but for the likes of me, naaahhh is it eck as like. I was born thick, and I find it very comfortable ta very much. :wink:

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Yer wha ?? :D



I knew a lad who had bad difficulty in reading and writing. He was allways bottom of his class at school. But he used to sell spark plugs and engine oil to the teachers.


One day a certain teacher said to him: Brown, one of these days you will either be a millionare, or you will end up in jail.


He ended up as a millionare selling second hand car parts to third world countries.


I'm bi lingual. I can speak double Dutch.

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Seems many Classics Professors are now retiring, and the number of Uni places is reducing, thus a campaign to promote Latin/a Greek in the curriculum. Opponents argue, that such dead languages are irrelevent to modern economic needs, and the teaching of Mandarin or Hindi would prove more usefull. :?

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