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Flying carpets


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USAF pilot is patrolling at 20 000 feet over Helmand in his F16 when he spots something out of the corner of his eye. Glancing around, he is amazed to see an Afghani on a blue oriental rug, hanging on to an RPG, keeping pace off his port wingtip. Looking around, he spots another Afghan, brandishing an AK, on a brown shag pile rug on the other side of him. "Jeeesus" he screams, "those stories about Sinbad were true". So panicking, he pulls a swift flick roll, manoeuvres around behind them, and blasts them into shreds with M61 cannon fire.


Whooping, he drops back down to base, thinking he's going to have a real tale to tell in the mess. but is surprised to find he's marched straight on to the CO's carpet.


"what's the problem?" he protests...


"You idiot" the officer yells





"Didn't you recognise they were ALLIED CARPETS!"

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