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Gas refund


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Nearly two million people are being given a refund by the energy company npower after it admitted charging them wrongly from May to November 2007. The average payment will be around ?35 ? though some people will get as much as ?100.


The total cost to npower will be around ?70 million. Consumer Focus, which used its legal powers to force npower to agree to this deal, is one of the public bodies the Government has decided to scrap. :roll:

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Damn we're with British Gas :?:lol:


Should the Government be allowed to scrap the services of public bodies such as Consumer Focus who are there to safequard the public though.


Without their intervention errors like this may well go un-noticed in the future and the energy providors will get to keep their ill gotten gains.


?70 million is a lot of money... but of course the government will get a portion of that in tax payments ... is that why they want to scrap them :wink::evil:

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Nope, they set up OFgen to regulate this smoke and mirror attempt at competitition. A complete failiure according to TV progs, as we should have had a 36% drop in prices over the previous period. btw it's the same gas that goes through the pipe, irrespective of which company your with! :roll: !

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