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Post office closures


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I notice (Front Page), that we are being asked to use the remaining Post Offices.


It's marvellous how the politicians/councillors conveniently forget that the Government set this in motion by "FORCING" people to open bank accounts to receive their pensions/benefits.

Therefore, whilst the banks make "more" profit, the Post Offices lose.


And not only that, but they are breaking up the Community ethos at the same time.

Is this part of a greater plan to brainwash people and take them out of their comfort zone? :confused:

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I feel so sorry for the OAP who is not able to get to the next 'local 'post office and so has to go into town or have it paid into the bank.

A lot of the older generation do not like using banks.....and yet here the are really being forced into that situation.....also as some else stated this is a big part of the

'local community'

How sad .......

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Well Dave, the post master, at the Padgate post office on station road was gutted yesterday. Everyone who came into the post office whilst I was there was down hearted and wishing him all the best for the future.


The closure is going to have a big impact on the local community. Take yesterday the post office is a place where they could have reported the window that was smashed in the Padgate Rose. Dave could have phoned in the incident to the local bobbies.


Fortunately PCSO Mark was close by on patrol and AG grabbed him whilst I was in his office so that I could pass on the details.


I wouldn't have noticed the broken window, even though it was a massive whole, but for the workmen outside who pointed it out. They were putting a drainage gully outside the Chinese Restaurant so that the mini lake that appears when it rains is dealt with.


At least now we can go for a meal when it rains without wearing Wellington boots :)


As it is the local residents will have to travel a fair distance to get to the nearest post office.

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Geoff, whilst I sympathise with anybody losing their job and feel that Post Offices play a vital part in most communities I do think that making out that crimes will go unreported or be harder to report is at best a thin argument for keeping them open. Surely any person could ring the police not just a postmaster. Unless I have misread your post which does happen on occasion. :wink:

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their viable alternatives all seem to include use of bus services, free buses do you think ???


its not just the pensioners (deserved as they are)strangely I only use the post office for posting (i know weird aint it) things and annual car tax, being a working contributer to society I stuggle now to post items as there isnt the possibility to "pop" in anywhere during my lunch despite working in 3 major towns/cities, and thats WITH a car, I certainly wont have time to "bus", and with a car theres the added burdon of parking costs.

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