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Legal aid to go.


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Right I had a quick look and seem legal aid is likely to be cut in the following area's/cases some of which I agree with :wink:




Personal injury claims

School admission appeals

Medical malpractice



and consumer cases


So what's left then other than if you are arrested for a crime and sent to court... can you still get legal aid for that?


My brain has gone blank :oops::lol:

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Well that all depends.... apparently, the legal aid bill in this country costs every resident taxpayer an average of ?38.00 per head. In France it is just ?3.00 per head


last year almost ?100million ? a tenth of the legal aid budget for civil cases ? went to lawyers representing asylum seekers who have never contributed a penny to the Treasury.


Much of this huge sum was spent on a merry-go-round of repeated appeals that caused endless delays in deportations and added to a backlog of 400,000 cases.


Nearly half goes on civil cases, including suing the NHS for negligence ? though there are lawyers aplenty willing to do the work on a no-win, no-fee basis.


and last year alone, a record ?21million went on lawsuits brought by prisoners seeking damages from the government.



........and finally don't forget that the wife of Tony Bliar made millions of pounds carrying out legal aid work.....

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Did I say that???? :roll:

It is a nonsense that instead of means testing it, no-one gets it.


It is already means tested Peter


For legal aid on immigration cases you must have no more that ?3000 in capital.


Your capital must be no more than ?8,000.00 to get legal aid for everything else:


Beats me how the MP's were eligable for it :wink:

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Justice in what sense and for what reasons? I don't think WE should be paying for someone's divorce proceedings for example; nor vexatious claims against public institutions, that we (tax-payers) ultimately pay for the claims; and especially assylum claims, where the recipient of legal aid hasn't paid a dime in contributions in tax or anything else. The Army of HR lawyers who've been making a financial killing at our expense, will now have to revert to" no win, no pay" work. :twisted:

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