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Is art essential?


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if it is their arts budget then that covers quite a lot. from paintings to stage performances, musical recitals and operas to name but a few.


by the way i am freezing but cannot burn the books or the picassos as i live in a smoke free zone and have no fireplace to burn them in :cry:


not only that but i do not have anything to light them with :roll:

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are you bored?


Are you talking about the Arts budget or burning a Picasso?


Taunton have plenty of wood to burn without burning books or pictures.


It wouldn't be a bad idea if WBC stopped supporting that drain on our finances called the Pyramid.

Was that one of your projects or the back stabbers?

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Is art essential, depends on what you call art?


I enjoy most art in all its guises and been to a few art exhibitions, theatre?s, pop concert etc, so it must be good for tourism, spending of money not just for entrance fees but hotel accommodation, travel etc and also to enlightened the mind. I bet posters (excuse the pun) on this forum have a picture or print on the wall at home of something.


Is art essential, don?t know, but it makes my world a little more bearable, it?s all subjective anyway.

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Of course art is one of life's necessities, but that doesn't mean that the taxpayer has to fork out so that the luvvies can keep the luxurious lifestyles that many (not all, granted) have become accustomed. If it's any good it will pay for itself in my humble opinion. 8)8)8)

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