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repetative talking pays off


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Teacher gets awarded ?150k for having to speak loudly and repeat herself :?:shock:




Gosh.... I mean GOSH... (that's me raising my voice by the way) :wink:


Message to Obs and Lt... note 'repetition' you two could be rich if you changed your 'jobs' :wink::lol:

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Absolutely amazing.... but I loved the bit that says "I even have to think twice about day-to-day things, like speaking on the phone to my dad in Scotland as my voice is not strong enough to maintain a conversation for any length of time"


If her dad lived in Birmingham; would it make any difference? I mean why did she have to mention that he lived in Scotland? Are the Scots prone to be not very good at hearing a phone call from London or something?

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April 1st is a long way off, I just don't believe it, the world has gone mad!


No explanation is needed, the people in the education system/government who have allowed this to go to court/tribunal to get a financial award such as this should all be sacked. No wonder this country has no money!


This makes a mockery of real casualties who suffer loss of limbs etc and get no where near the financial compensation this person has been allowed to receive.



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Good idea :wink:


Makes me wonder how many other people will go down the same compensation route now ie more teachers, people working in noisy offices, factories, football coaches, singers... the list could be endless. :shock:


And what about kids themselves... they are so vocal and noisy not only in school but also generally so surely they would all get them and be able to claim compensation :?


And finally.. I wonder how she and her solicitor (no win no fee injury lawyer?) or doctor (privately paid for perhaps) managed to prove that it was actually the talking at school that caused her nodules and not something else as .....


..... any one or more of the following can contribute to the development of vocal cord nodules:


1) Misuse of the voice - The use of an incorrect pitch, volume, or quality


2) Inadequate breath support


3) Excessive tension in the neck muscles when speaking


4) Abuse of the voice (the most common cause of vocal nodules in children)


5) Excessive shouting, screaming cheering or crying


6) Strained vocalizations (for example, sounds used to imitate animal noises or motors) :lol:


7) Excessive loud talking


8) Hard vocal attacks (starting words abruptly)


9) Excessive coughing or throat clearing


Other factors


1) Chronic (long standing) upper respiratory infections or allergies


2) Exposure to smoking


3) Reflux (stomach acid coming up the swallowing tube)


4) Endocrine or Hormonal imbalance


5) Fatigue


6) Allergies


7) Personality or general adjustment of the child/person


ok so I googled the nhs website :oops::lol::lol:

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Forget wireless mics and amplification systems.


Any halfway competent teacher should be able to keep a class quiet enough to enable the use of a normal speaking voice.


If it's noise during playtimes from outside of the classroom which is the problem then structure your lessons for the class to be doing written work for the few minutes the noise lasts, or even shut the windows!

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IP. i think it was an adult learning class she was teaching and they do not tend to be noisy. the noise was from outside caused by children playing. now i would think this would only be for the most twenty minutes to half an hour. maybe a hour at dinner time.


so a wireless system for one classroom ?400.00 so that works out at 375 classrooms fitted out for the cost of one compensation claim.

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Ever been in a large Comprehensive school lately pete? The teachers are lucky to get out alive never mind keep the class quite.


:lol: Maybe that is a point that should have been used against the woman who claimed compensation... 'count yourself lucky it's only nodules on your vocal chords missus... you clearly had no control and therefore ..... you can sod off' :lol:

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if you read the article it was outside noise not rowdiness in the classroom as she was teaching proper english to adult "foreigners" and the noise was so loud that they had to ask her to repeat what she had said. :roll:


Why were adult foreigners being taught at the same time as children in the community school though ?? :?

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