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Clamping Culcheth - 80 quid

Geoff Settle

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I also have read the letter of support Geoff, is the Cherry Tree wrong in ensuring that their car park is used by their own customers? Before they started clamping their car park was used by people using the eateries on Common lane. When I go past Sainsbury's car park and the one on Jackson Avenue there are loads of spaces and finally you don't get clamped for parking in the Warrington Road layby.

You now know where not to park but there are sufficient spaces for visitors since the residents tend to walk (as I do)


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So have they got free parking signs because the one on Lodge Drive has, a blue on and it isn't. I'll check on Monday when I call for my eye test.


I'll be travelling by bus from Town,I gave up my car on Thursday so I'm now on shanks poney like you when you go to the village.


I think I need the 19 is that right? What I don't know is how to get back to Cinnamon Brow by bus?

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Pete :D


Actually whilst I was going into the Birchwood Library I saw a 28 with Culcheth and Padgate on it so I might stay on until I to Fearnhead and walk from there if it goes that way.


I noticed that the next Cultcheth Parish Council meet is on the 20th of this month, hopefully parking will be on the agenda. I know that they will be published on this site by Gary as part of Culcheth Life. :D


It's good to see the minutes well displayed on the Village noticeboard.

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Originally posted by Eagle:

Yep, the 19 is the quickest.


Going back catch the 28 (board it in the Warrington Road layby just north of the Harrow) to Birchwood Centre then the 25 will take you to Enfield Park Road.

Thanks Eagle I got a return on the 28 from the bus station and settled for a walk from Padgate Church on the way home.


No problems with clamping for me today and I had a nice cip of tea and carrot cake at McDees. :D


Your right about the Free Cap Parking at the CPS. Need to collect my specs tomorrow so I might get the bike out. :D

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I've just received areply from the Parish Clerk which reads:




I responded to Mrs Settle and explained that I would forward her letter to LNL properties as the owner of the car park.


The letter was discussed at our environment sub-committee and we sent a letter to LNL Properties reference the parking issues and suggested she consider allowing up to 3 hours parking in the evening for people using the restaurants. To date I have not had a reply.



So I'll let you know if I get a reply from LNL. :D
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Well I went back to the scene of the crime the Raj last night and made sure I parked in accordance with Eagle's tip - the CPS car park.


When Mrs S walked in the owner recognised her and when we told him that he had been mentioned in the WG he asked if he could have a copy.


Talking of copy it was good to read Gary's Editorial in this month's Culcheth Life - a good reasoned piece about a compromise to the parking issues. He is right to point out the impact the current policy is having on customers and potential trade.


At the Rights of Way Forum I discussed the issues with two men, one from Croft and one from Culcheth.


The Croft point of view was that it had helped him find a spot when he visits to collect his paper in the morning.


The man from Culcheth told of the problems that the Methodist congregations experience, many of whom have been clamped.


Surely a better way can be found, maybe along the lines of the Isle of Man where you are given parking disks. You set the disk to your time of arrival, have so long to park and if you don't vacate then you are fined. The disks are free and readily available.


Why can't we be allowed to enjoy the facilities of what is a nice village?


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I parked at Lodge Drive last night - saw the signs on the car park across the road so parked by the shops, where (having looked) I couldn't see a warning sign (probably behind a Christmas tree).


But the blue parking sign is only for the bike stand!


But we didn't get clamped, nor did those on the car park across the road.

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Good News on the front page today from the British Legion offering parking to people who work in Culcheth. What a good initiative? Well I think it is. :D


Parish Councillor Jacqui Johnson is also highlighting deficiencies in the Local Centres study and asking for the Parish Council to be involved which can only be another good move.


As for me and the wife we now dine at the Cherry Tree where you get your parking fee re-immersed on your 2 dine for a Tenner. At least you escape the Eastern European parking attendants. Who are generating a sack full of money for the alledged 'Wicked Witch of Winwick'. :oops:

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Watch out if you are thinking of spending an evening in Culcheth because it may cost you 80 pounds :roll:


Oh by the way we had a great meal at the Raj and a good read of Gary's latest magazine so it wasn't all that bad an experience:D


[ 27.10.2007, 09:31: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]


And that was back at my Birthday dinner 9 months ago and Mrs Lythgoe (sorry she's not doing it but is only alledgedly renting out the thug styyled clampers) is still making loads of dosh and causing misery to many.


Mrs Lythgoe NOBODY wants this agressive almost Nazi attitude to clamping - yes you have to make a living on the back of your empire but surely a compromise can be reached? After all it is your domain and you do control the purse strings.


Thanks goodness for the good example set by the British Legion.

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