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Local Adoption ?


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Just been reading about the need for adoptive parents in Warrington with the average age for adoption round here being 5 years old :cry: .


The criteria for who can adopts seems to have broadened somewhat though as it now includes :


People aged 21 and older (no upper age limit as long as you can raise a child through to adulthood)


Parents can be single..... married...... same sex..... transvestite. :?


Employed or unemployed. :?


A home owner or living in a rented home.


Any racial, cultural or religious backgrounds are accepted.


Experience with children is recommended but training is available.


As long as the adoptive parents can provide a loving and stable family environment for the kiddies then that's fine.... but I do have to question wether having same sex mum and dad or a transvestite as a mum/dad is in the best interests of an adopted child :?

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:oops::lol: ..... Obs doesn't like children born out of wedlock either, infact Obs just doesn't like children :shock:


Anyway I'm trying to be serious here as I still don't think the criteria is right... and of you two start to hijack my topic I'll delete all your posts :P

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I give up :roll:


This forum and all it's topics are now assigned purely to Obs and Lt K to fulfill their obsession or having a go at each other.


Regardless of wether any other posters are remotely interested in any topic they come across, and regardless of wether you (the other posters) would like to discuss or air your views accordingly..., could you please kindly remember that by doing so you are detracting from the main issue..... ie the Obs and Lt K takeover plan :wink::lol:


Night all :lol:

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...a loving and stable family environment ...


Is the key phrase here, many a "conventional" family wouldn't know what that was if it jumped up and bit them on the ____.


Our adopted child's godfather is gay and we trust him unreservedly, no matter what obs says.




I wasn't suggesting that 'trust' was an issue Fugtifinio nor am I saying that they could not provide a loving home environment...I do not have any issue with gay people at all.


My point was that I do not think it is fair on a child to be adopted by a same sex or tranvestite parents due the the 'problems' (for want of a better word) it would undoubtable cause them as they grew up.


Sorry if that offends but it's just my opinion

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I wasn't suggesting that 'trust' was an issue


No, you weren't, that was obs posting from paedogeddon.


Sorry if that offends


Not at all, not sure any problems are "undoubtable" though. I work with teenagers, some of whom are screwed up already: most of these come from conventional families, so I guess I've just lost my rose tinted view in that respect.

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Well I personally see it like this:


  • men/men can't have kids naturally under any circumstances and shouldn't be able to adopt
    women/women can't have kids naturally under any circumstances and shouldn't be able to adopt
    male/female couples.... OK to adopt
    Transgender, pre-ops and whatever other freaky types shouldn't be allowed to adopt kids
    Black kids should go to black couples, white kids to white couples and mixed race kids to mixed race couples

... and each to their own as they say.


Guess I'm just old fashioned; but I sense a bit of the old common sense in there too somewhere!!

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Yes, he did, though this isn't the best criteria to use since many male/female couples cannot reproduce - with or without the aid of medicine.


There are vast swathes of loving and successful single parent families out there who seem to be missing from the "shouldn't be allowed to adopt" list too, so don't forget them, eh?

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