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Tell me what you see

Lt Kije

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Take alook at the Picture below



*** moderated by Dizzy...

Photo removed for now Lt K ... sorry but I'm just not sure about its suitability even though it is harmless and rather amusing ... 'bare' with me while I check the rule book :wink::oops: Diz ***



Be honest, how many of you saw a bottom, look again it is actually the girls shoulder you are looking at, its all your dirty minds


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Lt, sorry but i agree with Dizzy on this as harmless as it may be the girls shown are rather young and i wouldnt be happy with it being left on the forum...

as for dirty minds its an optical illusion that just isnt suitable for the forum even though i thought it was funny and had to look twice,anyone who really wants to see the pic can contact and you can send them the link via PM...




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It was an shoulder :shock: I had no idea an shoulder was in anyway dirty :shock:


It's not and yes it was funny.. BUT... :wink::lol:


Did you notice the no one actually commented on here until I removed it though :wink:


Anyway could have been worse thou Lt K.. I could have edited one of your other posts to make it sound like you were agreeing with Obs :P .... now there's a thought :lol:

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To be fair I received it as an email joke, It never occurred to be about the ages of the people on the photo, No problem with the verdict from Dizzy :wink: but perhaps it's the people that saw a bottom rather than a shoulder we should be worried about :wink::lol: As the picture shows nothing at all :wink:


If I get anything like that again I will run it past a moderator first :wink:


If anyone was upset about seeing a shoulder, I apologise

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