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Is this offensive?


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A taxi driver had a written sign on his cab door - "British born and bred, English by the grace of God" - seems this "offended" some of his passengers, who reported it to the local Council, who in turn, have told him to remove it? Errm a difficult one this, as one could find the reference to a supreme being rather offensive to atheists! :wink:

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I thought we had freedom of speech in this country and that we are told countless times that after two world wars, many people from many countries died for that right.


The sign is honest and true, to me, no way offensive, I remember sometime ago in the news, a local council would not have a christmas tree in reception, just in case in may offend a non-christian, the world has gone PC mad! :?

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A pride in being English perhaps?


Well, you can believe that if you want to, but the country's brimming with people who are proud to be English without feeling the need to shout about it.


Oh, look, it's not peeeceee gawn maaaad after all:


"However, as a Hackney cab driver he is not allowed to display a sign without applying for permission and was asked to take it down only on that basis.?



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