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A man of many parts.

harry hayes

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Wrote this a couple of weeks ago. Might just appeal to any umpteenager on here. Contains some small amount of poetic licence.


My birth certificate says 78 today,

I'll call it seventy two;

A lot you see, isn't really me,

Some parts are fairly new.


The Lord decreed three score and ten,

I'm out of gurantee;

Replacements keep me going -

Plus an annual M.O.T.


The tooth fairy took all my teeth,

Outlook pretty Grimm;

I keep the replacements in a glass,

Fairies fly - but never swim.


Without specs I'd need a guide dog,

Have a four wheeled walking frame;

Beethoven type of deafness,

Pre hearing aid, the same.


Yes, I've falsies in my chest,

But they're tiny bye-pass tubes;

Wrong what you were thinking,

Au naturel - men's boobs!


Silicone though, is in my knees,

New hips? - I'll soon apply;

Then to chase the girls again,

Please remind me as to why.


Hoping soon, my years are up,

And no, I don't mean heaven;

Thinking forward to the day,

Seven and eight is eight and seven.




happy days

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As already said... it's BRILLIANT Harry :D:D:lol::wink:


I'm glad I had a look in the poety topic now as it's not a place I usually frequent :oops: I must come here more often :wink:


Will point my dad in the direction as that will apeal to his sense of humour (and his age) :lol::wink:

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