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1975 team

Latchford Locks

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Warringtons Line up for the 'Final' match Sat 10th May 1975


1 D Whitehead (Full Back)

2 M Philbin (Right Wing)

3 D Noonan (Right Centre)

4 W Briggs (Left Centre)

5 J Bevan (Left Wing)

6 A Whittle (Stand Off)

7 P Gordon (Scrum Half)

8 D Chisnall (Front Row Forward (Captain))

9 K Ashcroft (Hooker)

10 W Wanbon (Front Row Forward)

11 T Conroy (Second Row Forward)

12 T Martyn (Second Row Forward)

12 B Philbin (Loose Forward)




14 F Reynolds (Back)

15 M Nicholas (Forward)


Referee Peter Geraghty


Touch Judges


R Appleyard (Leeds)

E Lea (St Helens)


Not bad for a girle eh :D .... what's a standoff :oops:

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Widnes Line up


1 R Dutton (Full Back)

2 A Prescott (Right Wing)

3 M Geofge (Right Centre)

4 M Aspey (Left Center)

5 C Anderson (Left wing)

6 E Hughes (Stand Off)

7 R Bowden ( Scrum Half)

8 J Mills (Front Row Foreward)

9 K Elwell (Hooker)

10 N Nelson (Front Row Forward)

11 J Foran (Second Row Forward)

12 M Adams (Second Row Forward)

13 D Laughton (Loose Forward (Captain))




14 J O'Neil (Back)

15 B Sheridan (Forward)

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Ps.... LatchfordL if it's any use I can scan the full 1975 official programme and email it to you. Only 18 A5 pages so not huge but nice to read though and there's even a 'sing along with Bernard Manning' page with the words :lol::wink:

That would be great...thanks...

email is in my profile...

any problems let me know


Latch :)

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One of that good looking bunch was sent to jail for murder some time after that Wembley Final.

Safeway, I can't remember who that was. Give us a clue. One person I can certainly remember is Tommy Lomax. He was an ex-boxer and unbelieveably fit. He must have been well into his seventies when that picture was taken. I was at both the 74 and 75 finals and if asked I would have placed John Grant in the 75 team. He was the Aussie who came over for the 74-75 season in the same way that Dave Wright came over for the previous season. If I remember rightly, Grant was a centre or winger and later played for Australia.

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