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Holy Moley !!! A couple months ago I moved to an apartment just one city block from the Wiltern Theater on Wilshire.


I've been invited to see a special stage showing with Jack Nicholson (I'm assuming as Frank N Furter, and Danny DeVito (Riff Raff or Dr. Scott?) -- Peter Segal a new comer leading man from such as films as I LOVE YOU MAN, and FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL.


A once in a lifetime super opportunity, and I'm crippled up in my apartment with osteo arthritis. No way I could do the TIME WARP AGAIN !!!


Ah, geez, this is a major disappointment. I hope someone video tap;es it for You Tube, huh?

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This was the email advertisement: What would Billy Idol play -- Riff Raff or Eddie? The reference to 'court-side coma' for Jack refers to his appearance at every professional basketball game in Los Angeles featuring the Los Angeles Lakers. (Lakers? There's no water in Los Angeles -- that name came from Minnesota!)


No, not just another midnight showing of the RHPS; this is a live performance, in honor of the movie's 35th anniversary, and it's got a star-studded cast. Rousing himself from his court-side coma, Jack Nicholson will be performing, along with Danny DeVito, Billy Idol, Jason Segel and Lea Michele (?Glee?). The show combines scenes from the movie with the live performances and will culminate in an epic costume ball. Proceeds from the evening benefit Lou Adler's Painted Turtle camp for seriously ill children.


The Wiltern, 3790 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles; 8 p.m.; www.rockyhorror.com/; $68-$121.50


-- Daniel Siegal

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