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What is it & is it worth saving?

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Nice one Baz I'm impressed with your search skills :D


Phew I can go to bed now as it was bugging me cos I couldn't find a photo.... I have been beaten in my mission by a man yet again :lol:


Suspect Algys may have been shortened and re-used by someone as a fence support then or maybe the ground used to be a lot lower round there at one time :shock::lol:

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well that is one half of the post (sorry about the pun) answered.


now then is it worth saving?

heart says that it should be left as is.

but as there are several examples of complete sign posts then it would seem that it has no historical worth just curiosity value. so no.


by the way is it in danger of being removed in the near future?

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Looks like I have got the parish council interested so it may be moved to a safe site though at this stage not sure what will happen regarding the missing top bits regarding it looking rather short thats because it was moved approx 50ft from its original position and buried over half of it in the field to use as a gate stump. Dizzy I have always been interested in local history back to the medieval period not interested in romanic stuff though although not particularily knowledgable, I have got another little project on the back burner but I don't think it needs flagging up as I know what it is, where it is but it may be too far gone to recover as it has been neglected by the council for too long.

heres another post.





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