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Are you looking forward...


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... to Christmas :D


Only 60 days until Christams Day now :shock:


So are you the organised type who has already done their pressy buying ?


Or do you leave it all to your other half or the last minute ?


Do you like it... lump it.. or loathe it ? :lol:


Is it too much hastle and your glad when it's all over... or can't you wait cos you get sooo excited ?


Whats your favourite or least favourite part of xmas ?


Do you go out for your xmas dinner or do you stay at home.. and who does all the cooking :wink:


Why am I asking..... no idea :lol:

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Best part.

The first couple of hours. Sitting in me jamas and opening me presents.


Worste part.

Haveing to get dressed before Ships Cat comes around from next door and haveing to give her a Christmas kiss. And it has to be on the lips too. 82 she is, it fair puts me off me pork brisket it does.

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How many of you remember making paper chain decorations out of strips of coloured paper and waking up on christmas morning to find one of your dads socks hanging on the end of your bed (washed if you were lucky) containing an orange a pomegranate, bar of chocolate,dates etc., and a second hand three wheeler bike in a cold front room (no central heating for working class folks in those days) and perhaps a painted wooden stool dad had made, could you imagine the look on the faces of kids today if that was what they were woken up to, however I wouldn,t swap those memories for a gold clock as they say, they were magical times for me as I'm sure they will be for the children of today. Christmas eve and christmas morning is never the same once your children have flown the nest so those of you with kids at home treasure those moments while you can. :)

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least favourite part of christmas day. getting up at seven to walk the dog across sankey valley in the freezing cold.


most favourite part the ten minutes before having to get up to walk the dog. turn over in a nice warm bed and realise i have another ten minutes of comfort left


am i organised? not really tend to get my cards sorted out at the last minute if i have enough ink for the printer. presents for mum difficult at best as she is not the easiest of people to shop for.


as for the cooking usually go to mums for a full christmas dinner and help with most of the cooking, dishing up and washing up afterwards. (only chance i get these days to catch up with the rest of the family)


apart from that it is just another day with dross on the tv and songs that have been repeated so many times that the words are indelibly printed on the brain.


algy i remember those paper chains. hours spent licking and sticking. (tongue glued to the roof of the mouth after a yard or two.) also remember the fun when halfway through the queens speech one would come unglued and drift towards the fire in the grate.

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My favorite part used to be watching the kids for weeks on end wondering what they would get from St. Nick. My favorite part now is watching other people open their presents.


The part I hate the most is when people stop smiling after Christmas is over, no more Good Mornings from strangers.. ahh well cannot have everything.

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