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Rat Disease


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Olympic rowing champion dies through Rat didease.




Weil's disease caused by Rat urine. You can't be too carefull. It could be in your ornamental fish pond or simply on your lawn where Rats have been. A Gel hand cleaner/steriliser is cheap enough to keep in the car.


I have lost count of the times that I have told anglers off, Young and Old for biting through their fishing line, instead of useing scissors.

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How sad and he'd just become a dad too :cry:


Completely agree with your warnings Wingy. We are all too aware of the dangers Weils Disease as my other half used to teach canoeing.


But like you say many just ignore the danger (including my son who thinks I'm just a paranoid mum by putting hand steriliser in his fishing box.... I doubt if he uses it and yes he probably bites his line too :evil: )


Symptoms are like flu, then you feel a bit better better, then it attacks your organs etc... then you could die :shock:


Doesn't kill everyone though so if you are sniffly today don't rush straight down to the docs as you probably only have a cold :wink::lol:

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