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PC police in action -


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I was just saying to my oldest son; If Adolf was alive today, he wouldn't need to go down the blitzkrieg and war route, he would just becone head of the EU and he could have the UK on a plate. He would then promote all his mates into positions of power within the EU and they would in turn, employ members of their family (just like Kinnock did)


Adolf could then sit back and rake in billions of euros in extra funding; veinly disguised as additional European space agency funding and live a happy life, safe in the knowledge that he finally got his way and the UK was brought to its knees by a Europe, united under Germany.



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Blummin ridiculous if you ask me.... it was a fancy dress party and people always dress up as Adolf.


Would they have suspended him if he had gone dressed as a busty transvestite or the Grim Reaper :?


wonder why those two came into to my head :lol:

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Did your eldest son understand all that? :wink:


Nope..... for some reason he likes Europe because he thinks we should be part of a super power which is bigger than America!!


Thank god he's bought his own house and moves out within a fortnight!! :lol:

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