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longshaw street resurfacing


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its not often I buy the guardian, but I was bored, and find out at the end of this week they are going to be doing this work, and makinging it some sort of one way for god knows how long.


again attack of the idiots, have they not seen how winwick road snarls up when the hawleys lane bridge is flooded and people cannot access this road both ways.


Im also concerned how they can make a road that is a dead end a one way ???


hey but no need to let us residents know personally, just publish it in a paper thet few people read



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perhaps they are going to put speed humps along the length of it.


er hold on they already have haven't they.


maybe they are going to get rid of them.


i have it now. they are trying to use use up all the left over tarmac from not resurfacing the other roads in the town that need it more.


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I take some of it back, the area around the rnd about at harrison square is in need of resurfacing, probably due to the time trials that people have going around it and the 8 buses a minute survice that dallam gets.


however the main part of the road (most used) has good surface (probably the dead end bit hasnt been done in such a long time because of the lack of traffic use.


no doubt that will be the bit that doesnt get done.


another thing they have not considered in this (the rainy season) is when (as it will happen) everyone has to U-turn as the hawleys lane bridge floods. and gets stuck in a perpetual loop :thumbsdown:

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Well sure enough last night caused the hawleys lane bridge to flood (as predicted)


the result being that somone who wanted to go to or from the likes of summerfield avenue


had to go via mcdonalds,hawleys lane, marshall avenue, an additional mile on the journey for a 400m stretch of road resurfacing.


and furthermore, the trench that was dug out for us in longshaw street had gravel ramps up the now 1foot high curbs to get into our driveways, and no exageration has damaged my car sill and exhaust as they were insufficient.


anyone know who I contact to pay for this damage ?

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i would suggest you get pics of the ramp and the damage and then contact wbc. that new centre in town might steer you in the right direction. or follow the link from the front page to their website.


would suggest that you phone though as i am still waiting for a reply to an email i sent four years back. :roll:

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Well 11 weeks have come and gone (as they said we could expect upto 11 weeks disruption) and they keep digging and resurfacing the same patches at the corner of hawleys and longshaw, and currently they have a second set of lights over the brook bridge to double you time in their mess.


no sign of this being close to completion.

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