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How to upload avatar?


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Hi Algy


Your picture has to be small (but you know that).

Mine is size 78 x 66


You need to upload it to a host site like photobucket or mediafire as you cant upload an avitar directly from you PC


On your profile page on here go to the second avitar option box that says


UPLOAD Avitar From a URL.....


and put the whole host link to your photo in there in the format of


http: //i328.photobucket.com /albums/l346/dismayed_2008/smilemonkey.jpg


(without the spaces of course and obviously don't type in the above as that's my picture link and you'd then have a monkey like me... unless you want a monkey of course :lol: )


don't use the direct image code format ie the one with ...... round it cos that doens't work.


Hope I got all that right :lol:

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