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One long sigh


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Time to fight back

Enough is Enough, what the heck is happening to the uk and the amount of worry and anger we all feel.


A child goes missing ( sad I agree ) but then we have the put downs on the portuguese, we have those with large bank accounts suddenly willing to help, well there are many others who could have done with that help in the past. The press go to town on this and treat us mere mortals like fools.


There is a child drowning, we are told that the support officers where not trained for this, god forbid if these officers had been portuguese, that said these people valued themselves over helping someone in need.


A child is shot in broad daylight and no answers as yet from our police force.


We pay benefits for those who live in another country, we have unclean hospitals, we have the most tinkered with education system and still no answers. we will host the olympics and guess who will pay for this and strange that it is in London ( whoops I forgot thats the only place in the uk )


The money in the Lottery fund is to benefit those with an addiction problem, guess trying to win by paying for a ticket is the same thing. ( I need help to win then )


Stop smoking its so bad for you and causes massive health problems, must remind all retailers not to sell ciggies anymore and also to remind all car drivers that they cause pollution so sell your car.


Police march on the streets for more pay and so we now know how many work at one time and no wonder the crims are laughing at us. Our forces on the other hand cannot march for more pay and they face danger every minute of their time away , they cannot have great chunks of sick leave nor indeed decent housing or help financially for horrific injuries and yes they signed on by choice but so did the police.

My rant is over for now and I still feel no better.

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