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20 mph


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When/if a fuller consultation is implemented the following questions should be asked as it is inevitable that all people would say 'yes' when asked if they would prefer a reduction to 20mph on their own roads.


However they may not consider that all other residents will say the same for their own roads too which would lead to a blanket rollout of 20 mph on ALL residential roads (and as I've said before most roads have houses on them even the bigger roads)


So questions


1. Do you agree with a reduction to 20mph on YOUR road being implemented? Yes / No


2. Do you agree with a reduction to 20mph on ALL OTHER residentail roads being implemented. Yes / No


3. How many roads in Warrington can you name which are not residential (ie do not have houses on them, please name)


4. Do you realise that if everyone agrees with their own roads being reduced to 20 mph this would lead to a blanket 20 mph limit across ALL residential roads in the borough of Warrington bein implemented. Yes / No


5. Would you like to change any of your previous answers based on the last question?



and Rod.... you mention 'we' a lot in your last post.

Why are we not seeing anyone else from your side of the discussion backing you up or are they scared of us :shock::lol::wink:


PS I'm in a much better mood today :lol:


Regards to you all :wink:

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Now that can be twisted to mean two completely different meanings depending on what you want it to mean Fatso. :lol:


I presume Rod was saying that there are several people posting on here who disagree with what he is saying... and he is right. There are only several people discussing this on the forum and all seem to be in disagreement.


However by you simply saying 'everyone' disagrees Fats.. you could be mistaken as meaning 'everyone in Warrington' disagrees and as they havent been asked you can't day that :lol:


There is a fine line between fact and fiction 8)

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Hello again Rod :D


You have said that "in the UK 23% of the people killed on our roads are pedestrians. In the Netherlands its less than 10%.".


Is this a fair comparison considering that the population of the UK is far higher ?


Presumably the % quoted are based on polulation numbers and if so that means that % wise the UK actually has less pedestrians killed on the roads than the Netherlands.


Or am I confusing myself again... wouldn't be the first time today :lol::oops:

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  • 2 months later...

Well you shouldn't be so flippin quick to dive in should you. :P:P:P


Had to see if the picture came out right first before writing anything!


You realise you've totally beggared (being considerate) what stated out as a serious post. :lol:


Dosn't really matter though because the council will do what they want to do anyway.



Bill :)

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That's what I think as well Diz.


The bottom line is that this council egged on by the likes of Rod King will see virtually every road in the town with a 20mph limit. This is the real big issue and the one that Rod has carefully avoided by getting people debating all the irrelavent stuff like noise levels and gearbox ratios.


Rods main argument was that 20mph on residential roads would have virtually no effect on journey times as the residential part of any journey was only small. I origionally agreed with this but Rods insistance that Long Lane being classed as residential made it abundantly clear that this was never going to be the case.


The map here shows certain roads in yellow and these are someones definition of the main feeder routes for the residential estates. To my way of thinking, these roads should be left as they are now and this would give a good compromise betwwen safety and the need to comute effectivly.


It won't make a blind bit of difference whatever people say though because the council with a stated anti private motorist policy will absolutly do what they want to.


Bill :)

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Well Bill despite my best efforts I can't find the info on the council's OWN website as to which roads are inevitabely going to become 20mph zones etc etc etc or indeed anything relating to deadline of 3 February for Objections or Representation to be put forward :lol: (actually are they 20mph zones or 20mph speed limits as there seems to be a difference) :?


While I am not completely against certain roads becoming 20 mph I feel the whole campaign and indeed the previous consultations exercises have been both totally misleading and also have excluded an huge majority of road users in the area.


We are lucky as we are aware of it all thanks to Warrington Worldwide and this forum but there will be many many people who wont know about it until it happens and they are affected by it.


Maybe the council could post a message on their electronic message boards in Warrington INFORMING all road users of the deadline and proposals ... Something like '20mph limit on all roads in Warrington.... if you disagree/agree phone 444400 before 3 Feb 2011'


Saying that I'm sure many people travelling through the town centre would be elated to think that they may be able to get upto 20mph on some of the roads :wink::lol:

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You're worse at quizzes than I am Bill. You set us a question, we have a guess, you say "not a clue regarding the answer" thats a rubbish quiz if you ask me. I know your annoyed as you were conned in a phone scam but it doesn't excuse posing questions when you have no answers only guesses. We all have guesses mate.

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I have never been taken in by Rod King and his noise and gear box ratios...... I have always known that he is a control freak and wants everyone to cowtail to his nonsense world of 19th century travel.


Cyclists are the scum of the earth, they weave all over the roads like they own them, the majority don't use lights at night and they refuse to use the cycle paths that have cost multi millions of pounds to install.


If this goes ahead, it will be the second backwards step that man has made since they scrapped the Concorde...... and I have no doubts that Rod and his bunch of lycra clad weirdos didn't like Concorde either....

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