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20 mph


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So how many repeats would they have painted on the roads then?


At least if they painted them bigger on roads we may notice the new speed limit signs more clearly than we do with those tiny hidden 20 mph ones. So how much does road paint cost then ?


I was going to say BUT what if it snowed or the road surface started to break up but then again if it snowed we would all be driving slower anyway :oops: :wink:

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Apparently the plans to enforce 20 mph on Orford Lane have been axed by the council and additional proposals for speed bumps and raised junctions along there have also been cancelled.


According the the WG the councils legal department has announced that 'due to substantial changes the proposals will now be revised'


What does that mean as it's a rather brief explanation.


Are they having second thoughts about the 20 mph rollout scheme or just for this particular road ?


Answers on a postcard please....

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If they have stopped Orford Lane then at last there may be some sense in the council.

Or is it too much to hope for?


The other 20 schemes do not seem to be making any difference and are just a costly mess.


The roads in Warrington are still a mess completely badly mismanaged for years.

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Would that I could have driven through Warrington this evening at twenty. got passed by two snails and at one point they were tailgating a tortoise. :mrgreen:


From arrowe park hospital to halfway down chester road 40 minutes. (a total of twenty nine miles)


From halfway down chester road to my home opposite Warrington hospital 50 minutes.( a total of one and a half miles)


On a Sunday it took about 50 minutes for the whole journey even with the steam ffair and the disability awareness day traffic.

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Which existing roads Wahl ?


I did notice the other week that there is still access from Chester Road over to Sutchers Lane (via the blue bridge and Centre Park near the Village Hotel).


Not a very good through route for heavy traffic though and before everyone decides to use it as a short cut there is a BARRIER so you can't.


Had I been able to get through the barrier it would have taken at least 20 minutes off what should have been my short journey home as I got stuck at Bridge Foot as usual after dropping someone off at the driving range :?


Like I say.. not a good through route to be opened up really due to to the business park, Sutchers Lane being narrow (and full of wandering train spotters with note pads and binoculars :blink: ) and the entrance/exit onto Wilson Patten Street is pretty bad too.


So what other ones are there which 'could' be used to bypass Bridge Foot or linnk Chester Road with Penketh ?


PS Isn't this supposed to be about 20 mph limits ? .... not to worry as that seems to be going out of fashion now and even the radio adverts have stopped.

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You need to get out moore tilly mint :mrgreen: I think he means from Moore across the big bridge that leads to the land fill site and then onto the Old Liverpool Road.


Back in the day I used the network when I organised the Moore Nature Half Marathon - it's a little know way that you need a key from. Estelle opened the gates for my race and we were able to show everyone the Nature Conservation area. Fortunately the fourth swing bridge stayed closed that night otherewise my runners would have been doing a tri-atherlon involved swimming and rock climbing. :unsure: If you dust off your trainers I will show you what I mean. :)


I will howevere have to fight my Cinny Brow neighbour WHAL if he applies to make the track into roads.

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I looked and I can't see a big bridge at Moore... I can see the swing bridge on Moore Lane but I already know about that one. That route would be no good either though as you have to go through Moore Village and down the windy country road that all the lorries use to get to the businesses on Birchwood Lane. Anway, over the swing bridge and continuing down Birchwood Lane would bring you the the Forrest Way Bridge if that's the one you mean


You could also get to it by coming down Chester Road (Walton Drag) accross the swing bridge at Walton then turning through the residential streets of Taylor Street and Eastford Road.


Still not a good solution.... we NEED a new road and maybe Peels will pay for one as part of their Peel Port Plan.


PS... the roads after the Forrest Bridge (where Huws Grey is and leading to Old LP Road) have all been made 20mph now so be careful as the signs are tiny... not that the landfil lorries seem to take any notice :wink: )

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Hold on I didn't say it was any sort of solution. You will have to move the earth a bit towards Town but not as far as the transporter bridge but not as far it goes over the Mersey.


You get to it by crossing the swing bridge and following the BIG lorries till you get to a fence - then down a path - bit of a wiggle - and you will pop out by the weigh bridge for the tip, out of the gates and left at the round-a-bout. Low and behold a massive bridge that the lorries use from the old Liverpool Road.

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Just one of those things which is sent to try us Wahl and which will keep on rearing it's ugly head until either the 20's lot get their way or the council finally say 'NO there will NOT be a mass rollout' and stop discussing it with them.


I am in favour of some roads becoming 20 mph where there is a need but they should be identified by the likes of the police or residents as after all they are more likely to know where the danger roads really are. The police have already voiced concerns and say that they do not agree with it so surely that means something. What do motoring organisaions think about it?


I still have big issues with the health reasons the 20's Plenty bods are giving to back up their arguement and also with the fact they say more people will walk or use bikes in this new safer Warrington blah blah blah.


I wont be anymore inclined to do more of either.. will you ?


Maybe there should be tougher penalties on people who go over the existing limits. I know I often moan about Wales after my other half got two speeding tickets through the post within 4 days BOTH for accidentally creeping up to 35 mph on the very same road going up the very same incline. First offences in 25 years of driving but tough no speed awareness course of the likes... 6 points end of! No excuse though as if what they say their hand held machine said considering the angle it got us on 'was' right then fair cop.


We go to Wales quite a lot and are still paranoid even after 5 years but in all fairness you rarely see any speeding drivers (well we don't anyway). I guess so many have been caught out that everyone is now aware of how tough they are and it has worked.


More enforcement... that's what we need here not £750,000 worth of lollipop signs which will probably be ignored by the very people they are trying to target.

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Warrington worldwide


20mph speed limits debate

Published 20/09/11 7:00 am

Full News Index





by David Skentelbery

CONTROVERSIAL plans to roll-out 20mph speed limits across Warrington are to be debated at two briefing sessions for members of the borough council.

The meetings will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) from 2pm to 4pm and on Wednesday September 28 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm to enable all councillors to have an opportunity to attend and are being organised by the council's Road Safety Unit.

Cllr Linda Dirir (pictured) will chair the meetings and presentations will be made by Warrington Borough Transport, Cheshire Police and Rod King from the "20s Plenty for Us" campaign.

The road safety unit

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I am in favour of some roads becoming 20 mph where there is a need but they should be identified by the likes of the police or residents as after all they are more likely to know where the danger roads really are.


If only that were true Dizz then there wouldn’t be any issue. The fact is that most would like others to slow down as they drive past their house that’s only natural. And, if you think “your” road was being using used to avoid congestion or bumps then you’d want something done about it wouldn’t you? People are selfish in this respect and it only takes one or two old biddies and a couple of our wacky car-hating councillors and you end up with a broken road infrastructure.


This has been my argument for a long time in that all roads are given an official government classification that determines their primary use. It’s this information that should be used, not something dreamt up my Mr wacky I hate all car councillor or the old lady from number 37.


Bill (full of flu) :|:|:(

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