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Perverse taxation.


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Seems we are wasting huge amounts of food, together with excess packaging etc. :roll: However, the Green Lobby are calling for "anerobic" recycling units, from which such waste can be used to provide energy. :roll: When the tax was recently increased, Gordon announced that it would be revenue neutral, and be re-cycled to provide funding for new waste disposal initiatives - alas another unkept promise. :roll:

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As I understand it most of the tax goes to WREN who use the money to fund a variety of community projects, in 2006 these were Warrington's:


Walton Lea Garden Room . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .?36,000

Warrington - Cinnamon Brow Community Farm Club . .?26,000

Warrington - Walton Hall Gardens Access Bridge . . . . . .?90,000


So not many recycling projects there then. :wink:





[ 16.04.2008, 15:39: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Indeed it does which is why I added it... :P


The :redmad: was not aimed at you or your comments paul just incase you thought it was.


False promises, money wasting and of course Ackers etc etc make me go ' :redmad: '


[ 16.04.2008, 18:27: Message edited by: Dismayed ]

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