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how many mobiles?

Evil Sid

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was speaking to the father in law this morning and he was telling me about an article in the Liverpool daily post concerning Wirral council.


they were looking for ways to save a few bob and asked people for suggestions (quite novel for a council) anyway they had 200 or so queries asking how many of the council employees had mobiles paid for by the council.


the answer was they didn't know. so they are now on a mission to find out. it also turns out that some of the staff not only had mobiles paid for by the council but were receiving regular monthly payments for landlines as well.


found the article after a bit of searching.



so that being the case how many of our council employees are getting the same sort of deal???

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Shouldn?t be too hard to work out because even if it?s not itemised billing, all the numbers are always listed on the bills. I was talking to two people yesterday both of which worked for Wirral library service and both had been offered financial inducements to quit. Tough times tough calls.


Bill :)

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Well Mr Green from Top Shop as identified ?billions of savings in the National procurement systems, and no doubt, similar savings could be made by Local Authorities - it just requires the Mandarins to start doing there jobs properly, rather than playing a game of obsiquious politics with politicians. :wink:

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