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Smoke and Mirrors.


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A non-smoking Tory MP is trying to introduce a private members Bill, to allow Landlords to decide on whether their Pub is soke free or not - can't see it getting anywhere, the zealots seem to prefer Pubs closing altogether and the price of booze going up. :roll:


Good Freudian slip there! I think that's a great idea. I'm a non smoker and I find it annoying to have to avoid more smokers outside pubs and in the street than I ever did inside a pub!! Bring back smoking rooms! :roll:

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Whilst I agree on the illegal immigrants, I'm rather confused about the drinkers? Ban drinking (which in the case of Pubs/Clubs they've achieved with the smoking ban); and you put quite a few folk out of work - thus being the cause of folk being "unemployed"! :wink:


plus a big hole in tax revenue that would need filling.

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