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Sure this is an "ist" joke

harry hayes

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Three golfers at the very posh Wentworth course were looking for a fourth. All they could find was this chap from Burnley.


Number one says that he is very rich, as is his son. In fact his son is so rich he gave an extremely expensive camera away.


Number two is even richer and his boy doing even better. He gave someone ?10,000.


Number 3 was multi rich and his son so stinking rich he gave a Rolls Royce away.


The chap from Burnley says that he has lost his job and is on the dole. Worse still, his son is also out of work and much worse, is a homosexual.


But, even so, he isn't doing too badly. Last week someone gave him a camera; ?10,000 and a Rolls Royce.


Happy days

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