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Is WBC short of money?

Peter T

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Paul's right there...


Street cleaners have been out in force. Various roadworks going on. Bods trimming trees and bushes.


If they don't spend it then they loose it... it doesn't roll on into the next financial year :D


EEk.. does that mean I have just posted about WBC.. I said I wouldn't... guess it's ok though as I am sticking up for them in a way :D:D


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Highways works are typically initiated at this time of year for the reasons stated, i.e. departments have to spend their budgets or lose their funding allocations for next year. Weirdly, over-spending puts you (as a department) in a much stronger position to barter for a larger slice of the public purse next time around. It seems that fiscal irresponsibility is actually rewarded within Local Government - just another example of how divorced from real-world economics Councils are :roll:


As for being short of money, it will never happen, not whilst there is a captive source of funding to continually plunder, i.e. Warrington residents! What WBC is short on is common sense and commercial acumen.

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Modifications to highways cannot be rushed through at the end of a financial year they take months to plan, and construct. The public notice for this one was advertised in the local press last year. I remember it as the cycle campaign always takes an interest when central islands are introduced as they can create nasty pinch points (although that isn't the case with this example).


The new arrangement should be an improvement. However, it does seem a bit odd that, with a long queue of locations in need of pedestrian crossings, they should prioritise a road where there already is one.

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Perhaps there would be more interest from the public, if the cllrs lived in the area, because they would be more accessible.


Thanks P.O. Was this to be funded by the council? I recall that last year one of the "local" cllrs was going to get a developer(who was going to buy the car wash)to fund the crossing.

When he pulled out, it was thought that the project had fallen through.

So perhaps the plans were already on paper and just required the nod.

It would have been better to put the new one at the shops further down.

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Yes Mc Bain, the fiscal rules are really stupid but they were set up by peanut counters years ago. What a waste the spending of budgets willy nilly is.

The money is thrown at such stuff as putting a slip path on the roundabout under the red bridge at Westbrook avenue/ cromwell avenue

Why can't the council "planners" just be satisfied with filling in all the potholes on the roads?

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There is no development.

They could have put it down near the shops and then we would have had two. :x

Most push button ones are controlled by traffic lights, and those that aren't are pressed automatically "before" people look to see if they can cross. They see that there is no traffic, and walk across, thus stopping the traffic and "cyclists" for NO reason. :x No-brainers.

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