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didn't see this although Mrs sid did mention something about warrington but as usual i was concentrating on finishing off a job so it went over my head.


i often wonder how they manage to get so much before getting caught. i have enough difficulty getting nothing from the benefits people such is the number of criteria that has to be met. but then again like you i am basically honest when it comes to filling in these things which is why i have to sign on every week to get nothing in return apart from my NI stamp which i have now found out i don't need as i have enough years in for my pension and a few extra.

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The bloke (a former common wealth games silver medal gymnast) apparently claimed benefits totaling ?35,410 over a 17 years period by claiming he could hardly walk, stand, climb stairs etc etc .........despite being rather active as the video surveilance footage shows AND he was also employed by Liverpool City Council as agymnastics instructor in a sports centre :?:evil:


In all fairness though he was originally claiming legitimately after a car crash but FORGOT to tell the benefits department for many years that he was better :roll::wink:


6 month jail term and no mention of having to pay the money back :evil:


Surely though to claim disability allowance you have to have some sort of confirmation from your doctor... don't you? :?

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