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The 300.


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The tale of the 300 Spartans at Thermopoly - sat down to take in this historical epic; only to be turned off by a surreal joke. The immortals in metal masks, the traitorous shepherd portrayed as hunchback and the King of Kings in Gothic rig, as an advert for body piercing. Yet another of these so-called modern screen gems, digitally amplified into a sci-fi movie. :roll:

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Critics of "300" should see the silly send-up of it called "Meet the Spartans" with such effects as painted on 6-pack abs. Leonidas and the Persian fat guy from Borat play "Let's Make a Deal."


In "300" I loved the part when Gerry Butler kills the messenger -- in slow motion. The main story line is still there -- Sparta let Leonidas down, the Persians were stalled, and the 300 will always be remembered for their courage. And no matter where or when, there's always a rat that betrays his people.

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