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Risk of flooding.

Peter T

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I would be interested to know just which traffic speeds down/up the MSC.

The only boats I can think of are tugboats,which create a very small wash.

The large boats cannot speed because they have to sail right down the middle for fear of hitting the sides, plus the fact that they have pilots on board who make sure that things are kept "shipshape".

:o:wink: :confused:

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Originally posted by observer:

When the Chair of the Enviromental Agency, appeals to Insurance Companies NOT to insure new houses built in the flood plain; perhaps developers, Councils and home buyers should take note?! :D

When you are buying a house do the land searches etc show that your prospective new home is/is not built on a flood plane and at risk of flooding or is it something you would have to try and find out yourself ?

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When you can?t read the surveyors report because the inks all run and it gets delivered by a postman in a boat, that?s when you know there?s a problem.


In the meanwhile, I?m more concerned that given the increasing number of claims for flood damage, insurance companies are increasing premiums in flood prone areas. As I understand it, insurance companies use exactly the same data that says Warrington is the seventh worst place in the country for flooding which means we?re probably all paying over the odds right now.


I think the environment agency owe the people of Warrington an explanation.


Bill :)

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